wall drawings

Title Location Country Date Category
Wall Drawing for a Curved Wall Noire Gallery Italy 2016 Wall Drawings
4 Levels 29 Forms for Atrium QE2 Medical Centre UK 2015 Wall Drawings
'Built Walls' A Room for Domaine de Kerguéhennec (for the occasion of Mur/Murs) Domaine de Kerguéhennec France 2015 Wall Drawings
Untitled (David Tremlett/Michel Verjux) Private House France 2015 Wall Drawings
Horizontal 2004 Wall drawing Opera Barolo Italy 2015 Wall Drawings
Rooms and Corridor Ceilings for Casa Giulia Casa Giulia Italy 2015 Wall Drawings
Wall Drawings Private Apartement Italy 2015 Wall Drawings
3 Drawings Zaza Ramen Restaurant Italy 2014 Wall Drawings
Trapeziums Private Apartment Italy 2014 Wall Drawings
For the Eyes,For the Ears A arte Studio Invernizzi Italy 2014 Wall Drawings
New Works for Walls (David Tremlett / Pat Steir) Galleria Alessandra Bonomo Italy 2014 Wall Drawings
Equatorial Wall Drawings Hebel 121 Switzerland 2014 Wall Drawings
Exterior Drawings and Interior Drawings plus different designs Frantoio Italy 2014 Wall Drawings
Renovation of Exterior and Interior Wall Drawings (first made 2004) British Council Building Kenya 2014 Wall Drawings
The Pasteur Drawings Pasteur Hospital France 2014 Wall Drawings
Construction of Opposites PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) Australia 2014 Wall Drawings
45°50'36.38"N 7°00'46.96"E Wall drawing Val Ferret, Courmayeur Italy 2014 Wall Drawings
Light from Matter. Matter from light (Michel Verjux + David Tremlett) Galerie Jean Brolly France 2013 Wall Drawings
David Tremlett at Overbeck-Gesellschaft Overbeck Gesellschaft Germany 2013 Wall Drawings
Collaboration with Michel Verjux Museum of Contemporary Art (M.A.M.A.C.) France 2013 Wall Drawings
Wall (Vietnam) Studio Dabbeni Switzerland 2013 Wall Drawings
Different Walls (curated Rachele Ferrario, Gallery Michela Rizzo) Ex Birreria in Giudecca Italy 2013 Wall Drawings
Artist House Drawings Roche Court United Kingdom 2013 Wall Drawings
Exhibition Tremlett / Verjux (Lo spazio di un duo) A Arte Studio Invernzzi Italy 2013 Wall Drawings
Due Pareti BASE/PROGETTI PER L'ARTE Italy 2013 Wall Drawings