wall drawings

Title Location Country Date Category
Garden and Courtyard Walls Private Collection Italy 2018 Wall Drawings
Wall Drawing for Carriageway Wall 2 Belvedere, Legoli Italy 2018 Wall Drawings
David Tremlett (2 Collections) Palazzo Comunale Italy 2018 Wall Drawings
Silo Surfaces Belvedere, Legoli Italy 2018 Wall Drawings
Ceiling #100 Palazzo Butera Italy 2018 Wall Drawings
Chiesetta di Coazzolo Coazzolo Italy 2017 Wall Drawings
Madrid Corner Miguel Marcos Gallery, Arco (Art Fair) Spain 2017 Wall Drawings
Horizon (Michel Verjux and David Tremlett) TEFAF (Art Fair) Holland 2017 Wall Drawings
Piled Up Corner 2017 Studio Luca Cipelletti Italy 2017 Wall Drawings
Wall Drawing for G7 MAMbo MAMbo Italy 2017 Wall Drawings
Wall Drawing for Carriageway Wall 1 Belvedere, Legoli Italy 2017 Wall Drawings
City Drawing #1 Bloomberg (South Building Lobby) Cannon St United Kingdom 2017 Wall Drawings
Pile Up Galleria Antonio Verolino - Bologna Art Fair Italy 2016 Wall Drawings
Palermo Wall Drawing Michela Rizzo Gallery - MiArt Italy 2016 Wall Drawings
Wall For Holger Priess Gallery Holger Priess Gallery Germany 2016 Wall Drawings
Music to My Eyes Private Apartment France 2016 Wall Drawings
Light Shaft Wall Drawing The Haldane Collection Scotland 2016 Wall Drawings
Ezio Bosso Acoustic Stage Villa Pennisi Italy 2016 Wall Drawings
Barcelona Corner (Pile Up #49) Miguel Marcos Gallery Spain 2016 Wall Drawings
Wall Drawing for a Curved Wall Noire Gallery Italy 2016 Wall Drawings
4 Levels 29 Forms for Atrium QE2 Medical Centre UK 2015 Wall Drawings
A Room for Domaine de Kerguéhennec (for the occasion of Mur/Murs) Domaine de Kerguéhennec France 2015 Wall Drawings
Untitled (David Tremlett/Michel Verjux) Private House France 2015 Wall Drawings
Horizontal 2004 Wall drawing Opera Barolo Italy 2015 Wall Drawings
Rooms and Corridor Ceilings for Casa Giulia Casa Giulia Italy 2015 Wall Drawings